Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Sauna...

I sat watching the droplets of sweat roll down between my breast and gather in my belly button my legs were spread, making my pussy hot and moist from the steam. Breathing in and out I watched my nipples grow harder so I began rolling them around in the palms of my hands, my areola began to tighten, making my nipples hard and pert. I ran my fingers so lightly down my stomach it caused me to quiver. Lifting my leg, I began slithering my fingers up and down my inner thigh, just slightly touching my pussy lip with my thumb. I took my breast into my hand, flicking the nipple with my thumb, my pussy was beginning to ooze sweet juice now, so wet and hot.

She walked in, looked at me and sat opposite me on the bench, facing me. She smiled, watching me intently but never said a word. Somehow, this turned me on even more. She took her towel off and i gazed at her beautiful pink areola, her breast firmly stood proud and full, her nipples alert and ready to be suckled. Where as I am a bit pale, she is dark skinned, with very long, dark brown hair. She looked young, certainly she had never had a baby with those pink areola. Her legs were long and taunt, connected to what must be the roundest, firmest little ass I have ever seen. She had full lips, the kind that makes you want to suck and kiss them all night, and her eyes were the most intense green, like they could see right through you.

I kept playing with my titties, sucking my own nipples, my hand slightly grazing around my wet pussy. She didn't move, just watched me. I stuck my finger deep inside of my pussy, it was so wet, so wanting. I began rocking back and forth, rubbing my clit as i ran my fingers deep inside of me. I realised I was moaning. This was so intense, being watched. It was as if she were fucking me with her eyes, yet she never moved. I saw fire poker that they used to push the rocks around, so I grabbed it and stuck the handle as far into my pussy as it would go, fucking myself with it as if my life depended upon it. I was humping the air like a wild woman, pinching my nipples with my other hand, fucking myself in front of a total stranger. I began to quiver, never stopped looking at her. All the while, she looked at me with her hand just lying on her pussy, only occasionally did it barely move. My pussy tightened up, I began to scream, as juices began squirting from my pussy all over the place. It was like fire rolling all throughout my body and right into my vagina. FUCK! FUCK!!! FUCKKKKK!!!!! I could barely move. It was like every bit of energy I had was drained completely out of me. I almost cried from the intensity of it all. I had never felt like that in my life. My pussy was still vibrating and I could hardly breathe. And then man walked in and set next to the green eyed beautiful woman, taking her hand from her mound, he began licking her fingers, they both looked at me and smiled .........

--Until next time--


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Best Friends...

Jarod slid his first two fingers deeply inside of her, feeling all of the bumps and curves, all of the soft and protruding places within her sweet, wet, hot pink pussy. Her ass was tucked tightly in between his legs, his cock tucked under the cheek of her ass as he stroked her deeply inside with his right hand, he slightly ran the fingers of his left hand over her muscular stomach, causing her to quiver and squish his cock between the cheeks of her ass, he groaned deeply and smiled. Moving slowly up to her breast, he squeezed them and rubbed them from below, watching her nipples begin to stand until they were at least an inch tall, he flicked one with his thumb and she arched her back, causing her sweet juices to flow out over his pubic hairs, making him even harder than he already was.

He and Debby had been friends for a long time, and she was a woman that he knew he could not only admire, but trust. She had this way of drawing the very best out of the people around her, and never be trying to, never being intrusive with her personality, never being demanding or expecting anyone to change who they were, and for that, he would go to the ends of earth to please her in any way that he could. He loved looking at her smile when she talked, and her giggle was so genuine that it was always hard for him to not laugh with her just from the pure pleasure of hearing her doing it.

Deb was never shy about teaching him what she needed to be pleased, but she always did it in such a way that made him enjoy the lessons even more than the orgasms.

He found that spongy place within her and began pushing on and off of it rhythmically until he could see her face and her neck begin to blush almost all the way down to her breast. She was moaning and her head was trashing from side to side. He stuck the head of his cock just barely inside of her pussy, it was so damn wet that it felt like it was gently suctioning him, begging him to come inside. In one motion he grabbed her around her waist and pulled her up to face him, sliding himself deeply inside her her. She squealed and arched her back, throwing her head back, she began riding him up and down. He pulled her to him and began sucking her nipples, her neck, her soft sweet lips. He grabbed her by her cute little ass and squeezed her cheeks together and then apart, matching the rhythm of her hips like a dance., and just when she was about to come, he shoved himself deeply inside of her and held her still, she moaned as if she would cry out in need of what was coming. He picked her up off of him, what a sweet agony it was to leave the inside of her hot body. He turned her over onto her knees and smacked her ass several times, and then rubbed it in circular motions, then began kissing it. He pushed her forward to where she was lying on her breast, and her ass was sticking up in the air, and he lifted her up and his tongue dove deeply inside of her, sucking the nectar from inside, licking up to her clit and slapping it with his tongue. She began pushing herself back and forth against his face, he knew that she was as high as a cloud. He ran his hand up her back and back down, slapping her ass, a little more gently this time, fucking her wet pussy with his tongue like it was her juices that were keeping him alive. Then he slid his cock inside of her, grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up against his chest, holding her breast, kissing her neck, he began sliding deeply inside of her until he could feel the end of her vagina slamming against the head of his dick, wet and soft like soft lips sucking him deeper and deeper inside. Soon he began moving faster and faster, she spread her legs out to her sides, and was sitting flat down on him so smoothly, that he could feel the ridges of her anus rubbing against the shaft of his cock, and she started telling him to smack her ass. Her moans began to turn into a scream, and then her pussy clenched down on his cock just enough to cause him to start coming so hard that he had to scream, both of them pumping out every last bit of orgasm that they had within them like they may never get to fuck again. His prick was pulsing inside of her and it felt so good that he didn't want to move. She laid down on her arms, careful not to pull him out of within her, she looked back and smiled at him and winked. Then she said, "how about some vodka and a game of strip poker." He laughed, and knew that as usual, this was gonna be one hell of a night.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cold Steam....

She stood in the doorway of her motel room and watched him as he walked down the stars and headed for the jacuzzi. Downing her sixth shot of vodka, she looked at him as he strolled so confidently to his destination, took off his robe, and stepped into the steaming tub of water. The steam off of the water made his tanned muscles shine in the moonlight. He had short, dark blond hair. His face was manly, with a strong jaw line, deep brown eyes, smiling lips, and a small scar above his right eye. "What the hell," she though. "What do I have to lose." She walked down to the hot tub, stood before him, and then she took her blouse off. Her hair was black, and the length flowed all the way down to her ass. Her full breast stood taunt in the cold winter air, her lips were full and sweet, puffing out tiny whirls of smoke into the cold air. She unbuttoned her jeans, bending over to pull them down to her ankles, she seemed to wobble a bit. She had long, defined legs. Her stomach was flat, with just a small rounded mound below her belly-button. The wavy mound covering her clit was trimmed and well cared for, and as he sat there watching her, he began praying that she was alone. She reached over and grabbed up the bottle of vodka that she had brought with her and downed a huge shot of it, then offered over the bottle for him to indulge in. He gladly downed a good portion of the bottle before he handed it back. She smiled over at him, and in the sweetest voice, very bluntly asked him if he wanted to fuck! He about choked. Now this was his kind of women! Then, before he could even speak, she was on top of him, kissing him like she was about to explode and may never get this chance ever again. He wrapped his arm around her back, tangling it with her long, beautiful hair. His hand cupped her breast and he began rubbing her nipple with his thumb. He picked her up with ease and sat her on the side of the jacuzzi, he took her breast into his mouth, caressing the other as he sucked her nipple, licking below the curves of it, running his tongue around the areola, then he switched. Her head rolled back and she moaned, which was all he needed to hear in order to continue. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and began rubbing her clit with his thumb, and rubbing her ass with his other hand. Then he started licking the place just below the entrance to her sweet, honey hole. She squirmed against him, getting hotter by the second. He then stuck his tongue deeply inside of her and began moving it around inside, taking it in and out, squeezing the cheeks of her ass around in a circular motion as he did. She began hunching against his mouth, riding his tongue, making a sound that was something between singing and moaning. He stuck his fingers inside of her and began making a "come her" motion, pushing her Gspot, forcing her higher and higher, licking her clit, rubbing it between his lips. She reached down and picked up a hand full of water and let it pour down between her breast, rolling down to fill her belly-button, he reached down and licked it out. Her pussy was so wet he could see the pre-cum oozing from the tight little hole. Her Gspot was hard, rounded out like a little button the size of a nickel. When he heard her moans began to be more constant, and higher pitched, he pulled her to him and sat her down right on top of his hard, wanting cock. Now it was his turn to roll his head back. Her sweet pussy was so tight, so damn hot that it took all that he had not to blow it right then. She rode him like she was riding a horse, kissing his lips, running her fingers through his hair and holding on. All that he could do was stick his face between those beautiful titties and nibble on her nipples. Water was splashing all around them and out of the hot tub. Then, just as she started to scream, he covered her lips with his mouth and kept pumping his throbbing cock into her, loving the feeling of her pussy clenching and unclenching against his dick. Then her turned her around and laid her on her stomach against the side of the tub, put his hand on her shoulders, and fucked her until her sweet pussy sucked the cum out of the head of his cock and he was shaking so badly that he didn't think he would be able to move for a week. Then, as suddenly as she had arrived, she turned around, kissed his lips, running her tongue deeply inside of his mouth and then bit his lower lip. With a sweet thanks, she grabbed her clothes, and walked away. Hot damn! He loved this motel!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Chair......

John sat at his desk, frustrated and annoyed to still be working on a project that should have been finished two days ago. He closed his eyes, rolled his neck in a circle stretching out the tense muscles, and allowed his head to fall back into a relaxed position. The soft sound of jazz filled the cool air in the room with a sense of joy and peace. Suddenly the scent of lavender began to fill the room. John turned to see the silhouette of his beautiful wife leaning against the door jam. She had on one of the shirts that he worse with his suites, a pair of bikini styled black satin and lace panties, and a black bra that fit so well that her breast were bulging over the top of it, as if begging to be admired. Slowly, she strolled over to the stereo and turned up the volume. Her voluptuous hips began to sway from side to side, her high rounded ass moving around in circles, she ran her fingers through her long blond hair as she licked her full pouting lips. John began to fidget around his his chair, feeling much warmer than he had a few minutes ago. She seemed to melt in with the music as he watched her dance around the room, coming to the door jam, she began a rocking movement as if she were riding the door jam. John felt as if his tie were going to strangle him as he tried to get it off quickly. Debbie danced to about midway through the room, and then she got down on all fours and began walking toward him, like an exotic cat, her tongue passing over her lips looked hot pink, went, wanting. She finally reached him and began what looked like a climb, until she was standing on her hands and knees, she unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his stomach, his heart began to beat erratically, his palms were sweating. She pulled on his pants and he willingly sat up so that she could take them off. She held them in her hands, rubbing them against her breast, down, down between her legs, her eyes closed as she touched her hot spot, his was wide open, capturing by her every move. She bent over, sucking his ear into her mouth, breathing into it, shivers ran down his spine like an army on the move to battle. She reached down and took his nipple between her teeth, shocking him at first, but then it began to send a wave of heat all throughout his body, little zippers of electricity ran down to his pubic bone, causing his penis to jump. Oh my, she is so damn hot. She licked little circles across his stomach, driving him nearly insane with need. Then her mouth was over the head of his cock, she took it all into her mouth and he was sure he would cum right then and there. She stopped moving, took his scrotum into her tiny hand and began to massage them around, gently squeezing above them, rubbing them with her thumb. John's eyes rolled back into his head, he sighed from the sheer pleasure of it all. Her head began to move up and down, suckling his swollen cock in and out of her mouth so slowly that he swore he could hear it throbbing in his ears. He moaned and grunted, urging her to go faster. He looked down and she had a look of sheer mischievousness in in those wide blue eyes. She stood up, threw her right leg over the arm of his chair, and then the left, and then with the grace of a dancer, she positioned his cock at the mouth of her vagina, and took him inside of her hot, wet, tight little body. He nearly screamed out from the feeling of it. Her insides clenched against his prick like she had never had a man inside of her before. He could feel it grasping and releasing him, then she began to rock them back and forth in the chair, riding him in it as if she sat atop a fine stallion, rocking her hips in a rhythm that caused him to feel drunk with pleasure. He took her bra off with one snap of his fingers, throwing it off to the side, he dove into them as if he were a starving man looking for food to save his life. Licking her large areola around it's edges, watching her nipples as they stood up tall, flicking them with his tongue, and then biting them... one and then the other. He ran his fingers through her hair and then pulled her head down and began to kiss her wet mouth. Sucking her lips into his mouth, causing them to swell even larger, running his tongue around inside of her pretty mouth. Finally he could take no more, he picked her up while she still rode against his hips, he sat her on the edge of his desk and began pumping his throbbing cock in and out of her, watching her beautiful tanned breast bounce up and down in rythem with his strokes. Her head turned from side to side, she was moaning, almost a crying sound, getting louder and louder. She began to play with her right breast, pinching her nipple between her long, slender fingers, rubbing her thumb around the areola, and moaning. "Yes, John, yes, harder, take me, fuck me." she began to scream it. He could feel her insides spasming around him, and he kept pumping into her, harder, harder, faster, felt as if the head of his cock came off when he exploded inside if her, shoving himself deeply inside of her hot tunnel, he held her, shaking all over. Finally he picked her up, and carried this beauty queen of his to bed. Work be damned, he was going to make sure that this lovely creature would always know exactly how much he loved her.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sweet Dreams....

It was early spring, still bitter cold outside, and another cold front was on it's way. I was so thankful it was finally Friday, this had been a long, hellish week, and work had been a disaster. The only thing that I heard all week was "Sarah, please help, this is falling apart, Sarah... the copy machine is broken again, we must have more copies of the quarterly agendas, yadda yadda yadda!" I wanted to scream! I finally made my way from the Tram over to the wine shop for a good bottle of Merlot to go with my dinner, and maybe even a bottle of whiskey would be a good idea after this week. After shopping I fought my way through the crowds to my apartment building, nearly getting knocked down by a delivery guy on my way through the door. The ground was covered in snow, everyone was rushing to get home and thaw themselves out, as was I. I managed to get my door open, walked into my apartment, dropped the bag of groceries down on the counter, walked into the living room, took my striker down from the mantle, and lit up the fireplace. I headed over to the closet and took out the heavy blanket that I used to lay on the floor in front of the fireplace, laid it down, then went into my bathroom, stripped my clothes off, and walked into the hot, steamy shower. I felt like my entire body would melt away and flow down the drain I was so exhausted. I just sat there for quite awhile, allowing the hit water to wash away all of this weeks tension, then I took the bottle of vanilla scented body wash, poured a liberal amount on the sponge, and gave myself a fast cleansing. I stepped out of the shower, used my favorite Egyptian cotton towel to dry myself, and sighed as I pulled my black silk nightgown over my head and let it slide down over my breast. I walked into the kitchen and took out the largest wine glass that I had, grabbed the bottle of Merlot, a carton of the Chinese food that Mr. Tsu always had waiting for me every Friday, I walked into the living room, plopped down into my favorite spot on the floor, poured myself a glass of wine, turned on the stereo, and began to eat as I let the sounds from the stereo take me away from the worries of this world, and move me into a world of relaxation, peace, comfort, and contentment. The wine was utterly sublime, as it slid down my throat it felt as if it were a soft heat warming every inch of my body from the inside out. The song "Fire" by Ohio Players was softly wafting though all of my living room from my surround sound speakers, making me feel even hotter inside. Music seemed to have a way of doing that to me. After I finished with my Chinese food, I laid my head back on my throw pillows, sipping my wine, I allowed the music to help my mine wander. My eyes flashed open, next to me, propped up on my pillows, was my best friend Ellissa. I was somewhat shocked to see her here, but it was pleasant surprise. She had a small grin on her face, and seemed to be looking at me very intently. I don't know if it was the wine, the seductive music, or just a desire that I had carried for a long time, but I found myself right in her face, looking deeply into her mesmerizing blue eyes, looking for any objections, I saw none. I, without thought, took her lower lip between mine and began kissing and sucking it. My body seemed to be on fire, my breast were heaving up and down, I didn't have time to be scared or nervous, it seemed as if I had lost complete control, and I was merely along for the journey. She was so beautiful. She always had a way of making me laugh, no matter how badly I felt. She never looked down on me, even though she was far more beautiful than I am, was so much more educated, and had gone through so much in life. She never made me feel as if my pain was any less important than hers, she merely comforted me any time that I needed her. Now, here I was, taking a very big risk. I hadn't taken the time to consider the implications of my actions, and now, I was so drawn into her, that I couldn't even begin. As I looked at her, so many emotions seemed to be flowing through me that I thought that I might cry, but then she smiled, and all I could think of was making love to her, to her mind as well as her body. I rubbed my thumb along her neck as I kissed her mouth, lightly tasting her sweetness, allowing it to flow across my taste buds. I kissed her eyes, her cheek bones, deeply inhaling the scent of her long, beautiful reddish brown hair. I began kissing her neck, licking my way up to suckle her ear lobes. My nipples kept rubbing against my silk night gown, now every time the silk rubbed against them, it sent electricity all the way down my spine, into my clit. She was so soft. I slid my hand down, and picked up hers. I began ever so softly rubbing my fingers down her arm, around to her elbow, kissing the curve in her arm. I ran my fingers down to her wrist, back and forth, then began tracing the lines on her hand. I was taking my time, I had thought about this so many times, and if this was the only time that I ever touched her, I was going to try and make it last as long as I could. I pulled her hand up to my mouth and began kissing the line along her wrist, looking into her eyes, watching her as she watched me. I began rubbing her collar bone, running my fingers slowly down the the first button on her blouse, flicking it between my thumb and forefinger, it popped open. I slid my finger further down, slightly rubbing her skin along the way, popping open each button so slowly. I bent over her, kissing her collar bone, I could feel my breath against her silky skin. I rubbed my face back and forth between her breast, taking in her softness, her warmth, listening to her heart beat against her chest. I used my face to push her blouse away from her breast, kissing them from the bottom, around and around until I reached her nipple, then I moved to the other one. Cupping her breast in my hand, I rubbed around her areola, around the circle, causing it to tighten, and her nipple to stand erector than it already was, I reached down and flicked it with my tongue, taking it between my lips, rolling it around inside of my mouth. She was softly moaning, turning her head from side to side, occasionally stopping to look down at me with her mystical eyes. I felt as if every cell of my body was suddenly awake, alive, burning within me. I kissed my way down her stomach, rubbing my fingers across her pelvis bone, then through her curly pubic hairs, never touching her clit, allowing the heat to slowly build deeper within her. I wanted her to burn as hot as I did inside, I needed her to feel the passion that I felt for her. I kissed her "love line," that sweet little line that ran between her navel and her pelvis, breathing into her pubic hairs, taking a deep breath in, knowing that it would send chills all over her body. I rubbed my nose through her pubic hair, working my way to her inner thigh, I began kissing, licking her, slowly and lightly, rubbing my finger on the crease beneath her knee and using my thumb to rub the side of her knee. I massaged my way down her her foot, taking it into my hand, I began to rub it, hard in some places, gentler in others, I took her toe into my mouth, sucking it lightly, rubbing it against my tongue, massaging the bottom with my thumbs. I tell her to turn over and begin to massage her shoulders, kissing her neck, rubbing my face against her as my hands roam over her back, rubbing the sides of her breast with my fingers, letting my breast slide against her back, I could feel the wetness oozing from between my thighs. She began to squirm as I started massaging the cheeks of her adorable ass around in circles, kissing each cheek all over, occasionally nibbling them a little. I run my hands down the length of her legs, slowly rubbing her inner thighs on my way back up. Then, so slowly, I inserted my fingers into her pussy, so wet, so hot inside. Pushing down toward her pelvis bone, I search for her Gspot, with relaxed movements, I begin to stroke her inside, rubbing the cheeks of her ass with my other hand, rubbing my breast against her. I began to rub my thighs together, getting hotter and hotter. Breathing was becoming more difficult with each minute, but I wasn't about to begin to rush now. Inside of her, I could feel the spongy spot begin to get harder and wider, I put my hand under her and turned her over, I straddled her and took her clit into my moth and began to suck the honey from between her legs as I used my fingers to stroke her inside. I jumped and nearly fell over as I felt her fingers slide inside of me, which elicited a giggle from her, but she didn't stop. I could feel her fighting for breath, the insides of her vagina began to spasm, and she came so hard that she litterally ejaculated cum, which a gently drank from her with pleasure. She kept stroking me with her fingers, reaching up she bagan to lick me until I could not hold it any more, I began to cum, screaming so loud I knew my neighbors heard me. My body was quivering all over, and I could barely stay on my knees.

I opened my eyes, looked around... I was alone. Part of me felt relieved, but so much more of me wanted to cry. I had thought of this so many times, and I didn;t believe that it would ever really happen, but damn, that dream had felt so real that I was soaking wet between my legs. *Sigh* Maybe some day I could work up the courage to tell her. Until then, I am lucky enough to have my sweet dreams.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sweet Dessert.....

Kara was standing at the kitchen counter when Jack came home from work. He looked into her eyes and saw she was nearly ready to cry, and sitting in front of her was a cake that looked like a ski slope. It took all he had not to laugh because his beautiful new bride was so obviously distraught that he couldn't bare to hurt her anymore. Instead he walked over, stood behind her, took her into his arms, kissed her on the neck, took his two fingers, scooped off a piece of the cake, licked a big piece of it off of his fingers, and told her that he had just tasted the best cake he had ever put into his mouth before. Kara couldn't help but to begin to laugh and when she turned to give him a kiss for being the sweetest man alive, she accidentally hit the cake, and the pan went sliding across the counter, and off on to the floor. Jack expected her to burst into tears, but when he looked into her face, he saw a look of sweet seduction written all over her beautiful face. She took her apron off and tossed it on to the counter, then she slipped her flower patterned dress off and stood before him completely naked. It almost took his breath away knowing that this petite little woman was all his, that she had promised to be his wife for the rest of their lives. She was just over five feet tall; had short wavy black hair; full, dark pink lips that just begged to be kissed; a tiny little nose that looked as if it had been made by hand to be just perfect; her eyes were a mesmerizing mixture of dark green, and grey that mixed together and seemed to look right into your deepest thoughts; she had a long neck for being so tiny, he loved to lay next to her and run his finger up and down the curves of it; she had pert, full breast, small, yet perfect for her size, the nipples so easily stood erect when she was turned-on, her areola was wide, a mixture of dark pink and light brown, and they always turned pinker when he rubbed his thumbs around them, he smiled thinking that he called them her heat meters. His eyes followed her stomach down to the little pooch of belly near her pubic bone, she hated it, but he loved the way it accentuated the rest of her curves. Just below her stomach was s small patch of hair that she always kept trimmed neat, below that patch she shaved regularly, keeping it as soft, clean, ready for him to do whatever he wanted to with it. His loins began to ache and his penis was already hard. Below her honey place was the sexiest, most muscular, shapely legs that a man could dream of. The way she wrapped those legs around his neck when he drank from her sweetness drove him mad. Behind she had a muscular back, soft, slender, it ran down to her little ass that stood round and proud, always calling to him to be rubbed, squeezed, held, touched by all of him. Damn he loved this women so much that it hurt. She watched him as he took her whole body into his mind, looking at her from her head down to her toes, she could see in his eyes that he wanted her, needed her, loved her as much as she loved him. She walked of to the cake, looked behind her directly into his eyes, turned back around and slowly bent over and picked up some of the cake, then the stood back up, wiping the cake on her chest, down and on to both of her breast, and then she took one of her fingers, slowly sucking it into her mouth, and taking it back out. She heard him groan and smiled innocently, then she sat down right in the middle of the cake, leaned back, picked up some more, and stuck it into her mouth. "Mmmmm," she said, with an innocent look. "Not bad if I say so myself," she said. That was all it took, he stripped off his clothes like they were on fire and practically dove across the floor over to where she was sitting back like a sweet desert just waiting to be savored. First he took her foot into his hands, licking the cake from between her toes, taking her big toe into his mouth, he sucked it in slowly, running his tongue along the bottom of it. His tongue ran up the top of her foot to her inner leg, stopping to eat the cake, making sounds of pleasure, telling her how delicious that it was. His tongue moved over to her other leg, licking her inner thigh, kissing it, nibbling it. The more he ate the cake from her sweet little body, the more her cute little ass wiggled around in the cake, spreading it all over the floor. Jack moved up, kissing her neck, then sucking her earlobe into his mouth, he whispered into her ear, telling her that she was the best desert that he could ever ask for. He licked his way down to her breast, sucking her whole areola into his mouth, flicking her nipple with his tongue while it was in his mouth, he took the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it around. Her hips moved around, slightly humping the air and sliding her ass around all over the cake. Jack kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue, tasting the sweetness of her. He gently pushed her back onto the floor, taking her under her legs, he pulled her hips up to his mouth and began sucking, licking, eating the cake from between the cheeks of her ass, licking all around to her pubis, he felt like a starving man allowed to have food for the first time. He stuck his tongue deeply inside of her vagina, in and out, her head rolling from side to side, her hips rolling around in his arms as if she were trying to get free, he just held her tighter, sucking her clit around between his lips, rolling it around with his tongue, pushing it inside of her again, drinking the juices as they began to flow. He laid her back down on the floor, sticking his fingers inside of her, gently feeling for the round, spongy place, he began to push in on it, letting off, rubbing his fingers back and forth over it, pushing down on it again, manipulating it, he could feel it getting harder and harder. Watching her as she pinched her nipples between her fingers, her stomach sucked in and out like a belly dancers, she kept sucking her lower lip in and out. Finally he took her hips into his arms again, holding her firmly, he stuck his penis to the opening of her wet pussy, slightly sticking it inside, pulling it out, repeating it until he had just a few inches of himself inside if her, he rocked his hips back and forth, using his hands to move her hips against him, he slid deeply into her, his head rolling back as her sweet pussy clenched around every inch of him, his ass cheeks clenching together tightly, he just held them both there for a moment, allowing the heat to spread through them both. He began stroking himself in and out of her, feeling the spongy place inside of her with the head of his cock, rolling his hips around so that the head of his penis stroked that hot button inside if her. Her hands clenched and unclenched as she got hotter and hotter, faster she sucked her lower lip into her mouth making whimpering and groaning sounds. She kept saying, "yes, yes, I love you, yes, oh god yes Jack." With each word, each time she sucked her lip into her mouth, every time she lunged her hips into him, the words kept getting louder and louder. Soon she was screaming yes! Jack was just screaming, "Ohhhh, ohh, ohh," and grunting like a bear. Finally he stopped, holding her close, still inside of her, he didn't want to take himself out of this Heaven, ever. Both of them were fighting for air and giggling at the same time. Eventually he picked her up in his arms and began to carry her to the shower. With a smile on his handsome face, he thought that tomorrow he might make a fruit salad mixed with honey, and topped with whipped cream. He giggled as he kissed his beautiful wife and thought about just how incredible dessert really was.